Touching and interacting with Slope is an unfamiliar and surprising experience, with its firm hold to both tablet and table. The feel of its grip is unexpected, and counter to everything we know about how such materials behave. As though it's doing something it shouldn’t be able.


Hi Erik.

I got the Dekke Slope today. My Mom brought it from Australia. Wow, I'm blown away. I knew it was good from reviews but still was positively surprised. All the best to you!

Josh Kaijankoski

* * * * *

Hi Erik,

Just to confirm my Slope has arrived today. It was with a neighbor all along!

Just wanted to say this is an absolutely stunning piece of kit. Perfect example of form and function. After 3 years of reviewing stands this is the stand I've been waiting for. I was originally looking to get a Magnus Ten1 design iPad stand for its minimal look but it was restricted to landscape mode. The Slope beats this thing hands down.

I don't think I've ever been this excited about an accessory before but then the Slope is so much more than that.

You can certainly see where the work has gone into it and rest assured I will be spreading the word.

Thanks again.

Steve Reich

* * * * *


You have created one of the best products I've ever used!! Thank you so much for such a simple outstanding iPad stand!

Kevin Bonnot

* * * * *

"This is hands down one of the very finest tablet stands I have ever seen or tried."

Gadget and Accessories reviewer for iDownload Blog, Christian Zibreg

* * * * *

I am so impressed! It sounds like you have a simple, beautiful and innovative product, but more than that, I am absolutely delighted by your kind attitude, communication and service to your customers.

I came across your product online and did not think it would be feasible for me to buy it in Australia. When I eventually wandered into your website, I was excited to see that it would only cost me an extra US $16 to buy the stand from Australia.

I mainly wanted it to use in my primary school classroom, to effectively hold my iPad while using the interactive white board with my class. I'm charmed by the whole buying experience. I will let you know how it goes at school and home. I wish you great success.

Thank you very much, Erik. You deserve every success in your enterprise.

Raelene Pettigrew

* * * * *

Thank you for the fast shipping and thanks also for the additional instructions. I will take some photos of the exhibition we are planning to use these for and will share them with you if you like.

It is also nice to work directly with the folks who create useful things, rather than large, impersonal sources. I wish you all much luck with future endeavors.

Take care,
Rebecca Moss

* * * * *

I can't tell you how many "stands" I've tried since the very first iPad was released. Your design/concept looks like this is going to be "the one" :-)

(later) Yep, bloody fantastic. Brilliant.

George Pantela

* * * * *

Erik - I love this thing! I no longer find my iPad at the bottom of a stack of papers, and it's sitting at an angle that cuts the glare from the overhead lights.

Pam Monson

* * * * *

The stand in the flesh is lovely! You’ve left a nice stamp in this mac universe.

Chris Butler

* * * * *

Dear Sir,

I received my order and I am very satisfied. The product is perfect.

Yves Djozikian

* * * * *

Hi Erik,

Got the Slope today and I have to say: great product! It fits perfectly on my desk with my iMac. I'm an iOS software developer and am really happy that my iPad Air isn't lying on my desk anymore.


Greetings from Germany,

Johannes Bosecker

* * * * *

Learned about the Slope on Leo Laporte's Tech Guy Radio Show and told my wife about it. She bought one for a Christmas gift for me. She liked it so much that I ordered one for her iPad Mini! The Slope is very cool and very good!

Rob Reider

* * * * *


Just wanted to let you know the Slope got here safe and sound last Thursday. : )

And you weren't kidding about the "ridiculously strong at first" grip, either! I could lift the coffee table by pulling up the Slope! Now that I've used it on a few different surfaces, though, it's fine and dandy. Pleasantly surprised that it didn't damage the finish of my desk, too (adhesives like tape rip off some of the finish when removed, so I was wondering if the Slope'd do the same, but nope, so not even a trace, so very happy about that)!

Thank you!

Christian Lachance

* * * * *

I first saw this on by TWiT podcast, it was Leo Laporte who showed this on the show and it was so sleek and to me it was like "God I HAVE to have it".... I've owned several iPad stands in the past but none of them compared to Slope from Dekke. To begin with there is no clap or other mechanism to hold the iPad in place, from the front it is just my machine. And the suction is strong enough for me to put in on my fridge door so that the iPad is slightly slopped downwards, easy for me to see the receipt and just to have some fun during the tedious cooking...

Apart from being helpful in the kitchen it is also my night stand stand... Absolute jewel.

Great craftsmanship

How can anyone NOT enjoy it...

My not so apple fan friend came to my house yesterday and went "When did apple start making iPad stands?"

Jinwu Han

* * * * *

Thanks so much for your note.

Your stands are excellent, well made and attractive, as you know.

One of my kids saw it on my office desk and demanded that I buy one for her!

Thus, the 2d order

David Ferleger

* * * * *


I really want to say to You that You were an excellent seller and solved my problem. Your product is awesome. I really appreciate it. I will do promotion of Your product to my family and friends because is the best.

Thank You another Time. I'm fucking happy... ;)

Mohamed Boubrima

* * * * *

Hi Erik,

I ordered two Slopes in December, one as a Christmas gift for my partner and one for myself. Like them so much that this one is for me at work. Great product.

Rick Macelff

* * * * *

Hi Erik,

This is just to let you know that the second slope safely arrived and to thank you for trusting and accepting my position. Both slopes (work and home) work brilliantly and I wish you all the best with your start up company which I have already recommended to colleagues.

Best wishes

Andrew Woodward

* * * * *

'I was over at my friend's place last night and played with his Slope. Had to have it! I'm buying one for my iPad mini and one for my iPad 2 on my desk."

Kyle Burkhart

* * * * *

Hi Eric,

Just received the slope and it delivers as promised. I'm already using it constantly. I've sent your web link to several of my pad using friends, and they're intrigued.

Keep up the good work!

Tom Rails

* * * * *

Hi Erik.

I received the Slope and used it for a week now and it works perfectly. I will spread the word over here.

Yours, Philip Van der Pol

* * * * *

Hi Erik,

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic the Slope Mini is. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, congrats!

All the best,

Michael Beaumont

* * * * *

It's not often that any product lives up to expectations, but yours does. Thanks for great service and a great product.

Thanks for great service and a great product.

Cliff Peloquin

* * * * *

Ce produit est une pure merveille , ça devrait être offert avec l'achat de l'ipad. Dommage...je félicite l'équipe à l'invention du produit qui allie simplifité et utilisation.

usb09 - igen.fr

* * * * *


I got the Slope a couple of days ago, and I really love it! It’s a perfect standing for our iPads. My daughter on four years loves it. Finally no more hassel watching the iPad while sitting by a table.

I will recommend it to all my friends.

Do you work on any other cool projects with nano technology?

Mats Barlo

* * * * *

I just wanted to follow up, and let you know that my boss received his Dekke stand & just loves it! He, like myself said he will probably need to buy another because his daughter took it over the first day & he can't get it away from her, ha ha.. Thank you again for resending it out (I sure hope the original one gets back to you somehow). Like I said before, you have a GREAT product on your hands! I have been telling everyone I know that has a tablet about it, & that they really need to get one! I love seeing it being used by Leo on iPad Today too! That is some good advertising for you.

Good luck with everything, and have a great 2014!!

Wade Mariage

* * * * *

Hello Erik.

The stand arrived last Thursday (Monday evening here now). I used it at school today, so securely supporting my iPad, which I use constantly to keep track of my lessons. It is so elegant. I use it on a small student desk, along with a wireless keyboard which I use to operate the interactive whiteboard for the display of lessons for the class. The iPad mounts onto the stand elevated from the surface like some slender, graceful sculpture, especially in profile. It gives me so much extra space, and an ergonomic height and angle. Some of the children were captivated by the beauty of the structure, asking me where I got that. It has reduced my worry that my precious iPad might so easily be knocked off the desk in a busy room full of 27 active and impulsive children. It also eases my anxiety that my iPad might be stolen in the hurly burly of a busy school situation - it sticks so firmly that a casually 'light-fingered' person might be put off by its rooted grip. It has made my busy day more efficient and effective and a bit less stressful. It is beautiful. I love it.

Thank you for your clever contribution to the easing and pleasing of the human situation,

Raelene Pettigrew

Sent from my iPad

* * * * *


It's a strange feeling to be looking forward to receiving my ipad stand more than the actual ipad.

Your product looks incredible!!!

It'd be great if someone could drop me a line on how long delivery might take to the uk if you get the chance!

Thanks a lot,

Jonny Mellor

* * * * *

Hello Erik,

Arrived.. Very happy with it. This is the best stand available.

Math Meertens

* * * * *

Hello Erik, The Slope just arrived!!! What can I say……I´m overwhelmed by its quality, look and of course its functionality!!! I have to admit, that I was a bit sceptic about that "foam thing." I was blind - but now i can see :-)!!

Thanks for that very cool thing and the ultrafast shipping and prepare for the next orders from some of my friends here in Germany.I will tell everybody, that this is by far the B.E.S.T. Ipad stand on the planet!!

Best Regards,

Hannes Nau

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